Jaya Ramesh’s story – Journey as a Content Creator

Growing up I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. Life had other plans and I ended up working in the IT sector. When the opportunity came along to create content for CSPathshala, I was happy that I would be able to contribute to school going kids in a different way. Though I’ve never created content for anything before, I was quite confident and wondered how hard can it be to write a lesson for young kids. I remember the first lesson I had to create was for 2nd graders on the concept of Loop, I took a lot of pride in what I had created and sent it for review to Nikhil and was expecting a reply back with accolades on my creativity. The reply came alright, except for the first line which said “Great effort” ( I guess he was being a gentleman) the comments for every slide was to the contrary of accolades. That’s when I realized it requires a different thinking cap when you write content for 2nd graders. I went into a learning mode to understand what it would take to get the point across to a 2nd grader.

Found out that a lot of kids that age were into playing Angry Birds. I’m not big into video games, took help from my teenager and started playing Angry Birds. After which, creating the same lesson with Angry Birds examples with lots of colorful pictures did the trick. All that was required was a change in my own mindset about imparting a simple but a very important concept in computing. The icing on the cake was when I got to see the content that I had created in a printed book. It’s been a pleasure to create contents and the journey thus far has been wonderful!

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