Hour of Code – Dec 4-10, 2017

No matter what your students dream of, it is important, as a teacher, to prepare them for the future. Whether your students want to be doctors, engineers, professionals or entrepreneurs, chances are that computer science and programming can help them. Coding not only helps create apps, games and other products, it also helps individuals sharpen their problem solving and computational thinking skil ...[Read More]

Computational Thinking in K-12 Education

What is Computational Thinking? Computational Thinking is the process of formulating a problem, finding solution to the problem and expressing it in such a way that humans or machines can understand the solution. It involves the use of problem solving methods to decompose the problem into smaller manageable sub problems, identifying the right abstractions so as to deal with scale and complexity, f ...[Read More]

Fruits Puzzle

Puzzle: There are three boxes. One box contains only mangoes, one box contains only bananas, and the other box contains both mangoes and bananas. The boxes are labeled with fruit names ‘mangoes’, ‘bananas’ and ‘mangoes and bananas’. Unfortunately, a naughty child labeled all the boxes incorrectly. If you are allowed to take one fruit from a box of your choice, w ...[Read More]

Hour of Code event in Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao High School, Pune

“Hour of Code” event hosted in City International School. Some of the picture from events..!!