Workshops & Training Programs

The main objective of the CSPathshala introductory workshops is to motivate the teachers to teach computing as a science through enhanced understanding on why CS should be taught in schools and how is CS different from ICT. Following this a special teacher training workshop is conducted to train teachers on CS Fundamentals and take them through our new computing curriculum.

What is in store for you at CSPathshala introductory workshop? (Duration 3 hours)

  • Interact with academician or an industry expert
  • Get introduced to problem solving and computational thinking.
  • Engage in interesting activities requiring problem solving and computational thinking skills
  • Listen to pilot schools teachers share experience on curriculum and teaching aids
  • Receive CS Curriculum and Participation certificate

What will happen at CSPathshala teacher training workshop? (Duration: 5-6 hours)

  • Get trained on problem solving and computational thinking. Learn more about topics such as, decomposition, patterns, abstraction,  algorithms, analysis and programming with day to day examples
  • Build familiarity with CSpathshala teaching aids
  • Engage in interesting activities on the above topics
  • Receive CS Curriculum and Participation certificate

What happens after the workshops?

  • Schools signup for the CSPathshala pilot program
  • Teachers are provided access to curriculum and free teaching aids
  • Teachers attend the training workshops
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