CSpathshala Curriculum

The principles of computational thinking viz. decomposition, pattern recognition and generalization, algorithms and programming are explained in CSpathshala curriculum through the following themes:

  • Systematic listing, counting and reasoning
  • Iterative patterns and processes
  • Information processing (Data)
  • Discrete Mathematical Modelling
  • Following and Devising Algorithms (Algorithms)
  • Programming
  • Digital Literacy


The curriculum guidelines as well as high level curriculum are presented in the document below.


CSpathshala syllabus & teaching aids

With the help of volunteers, teaching aids are being developed for 25 lessons/grade. The teaching aids are in the form of a detailed slide deck for the teacher for every lesson, a lesson plan as well as a student worksheet for every lesson. The teaching aids are available to schools at no cost.

The syllabus, teaching aids (click on lesson code or download zip file) along with a structured three-year implementation plan with the recommended order of lessons to be taught grade wise are presented. A lesson may be taught over one or more periods. Programming and Digital Literacy lessons can be interspersed with the other lessons. We expect the 25 lessons to be taught over 30-40 periods. It is OK if a school is unable to complete 25 lessons in the first few years of the implementation.

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Teaching aids in regional languages