The curriculum as well as the teaching aids are available at:

CSpathshala is developing a modern computing curriculum to teach computing as a science with the help of industry leaders, academicians and educators. It draws upon experience and curricula created by CMC, CSTA,, ScratchED, CS Unplugged and CAS-UK. In the first phase we are focusing on implementing CS curriculum for grades 1-8.

The key topics in the curriculum are:

  • Systematic listing, counting, and reasoning
  • Iterative patterns and processes
  • Discrete mathematical modeling
  • Organizing and processing information (data)
  • Following and devising lists of instructions (algorithms)
  • Programming
  • Digital Literacy ( for lower grades)

With the help of volunteers, CSpathshala has developed teaching aids for 25 lessons/grade. The teaching aids are in the form of a detailed slide deck for the teacher for every lesson, a lesson plan as well as a student activity sheet for every lesson. The teaching aids are available to schools at no cost.

Sample teaching aid: Slidedeck

Sample teaching aid: Lesson Plan

Sample teaching aid: Student Activity Sheet

What is Computational Thinking?

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