Bebras India Challenge @Doltabad Vachla School in Rural Gujarat

Pragneshbhai Patel from Doltabad School, Talod registered 96 students from classes 3 to 8 for the 2018 Bebras India Challenge. This Government school from Gujarat doesnot have a dedicated computer period or a computer teacher. The medium of instruction is gujarati. The school lacked adequate infrastructure and internet connectivity. Pragneshbhai is a Science and Maths teacher who decided to provide his students an opportunity to participate in  the “online challenge” and conducted it overcoming the constraints of time and infrastructure.

An adjacent school, Tantada had received 50 tablets for the students from the government as part of the Gyankunj project. Pragneshbhai borrowed the 50 tablets from this school so that his students could participate in the Bebras Challenge online.  In a couple of hours, 66 students from classes 5 to 8 were able to take the online challenge. The students were excited about the online challenge and enjoyed the experience.


The students from classes 3 and 4 were not familiar with technology but were keen to participate in the challenge. For these 14 students from classes 3 and 4 Pragneshbhai conducted the pen and paper challenge. Pragneshbhai shared his experience with other teachers from the taluka to motivate them to participate. 2018 Bebras India Challenge had participation from 260 students from 5 schools from Talod taluka!


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