CSpathshala and Rotary Club of Pimpri – Report 2017-18

The Rotary Club of Pimpri have partnered with the CSpathshala to take forward the project of “Bringing Computational Thinking to schools” under their Vocational Training Project for the teachers.

Major Outcomes

  • Equipped 70+teachers through various workshops on developing improved understanding on Computational Thinking
  • Equipped teachers to adopt CSpathshala teaching aids and implement the curriculum through a mix of pen and paper and computer based activities
  • 12 schools signed up for pilot implementation of CSpathshala curriculum with an outreach of 11,000+ students
  • Provided CSpathshala curriculum CDs and curriculum books in English and Marathi free of cost to all schools signed up for pilot
  • 11 of the 12 schools are implementing the curriculum for standards 1 to 8
  • 3 of the 12 schools The Stepping Stone School, GGIS and Christeria have shifted to implementing 100% CSpathshala curriculum
  • Access of the online curriculum provided to all teachers, students and parents
  • Excellent Feedback shared by students ,parents and teachers on the CSpathshala curriculum and training

Feedback from Schools

  1. Principals have shared that the training workshops and feedback sessions have been helpful in equipping the teachers and building their confidence in implementing the CSpathshala curriculum.
  2. The interactions at the workshops have also provided the teachers an opportunity to adopt innovative ideas of implementing the curriculum
  3. The teachers also shared that the feedback have been useful in addressing their problems/challenges faced in implementation of the curriculum
  4. The Stepping Stone School Principal has adopted the activity based approach and encouraged teachers to capture pictures of activities and share with the other teachers in school. A presentation of the same was shared at the Feedback workshop which was very helpful and motivating for teachers of other schools.
  5. GGIS, Pune teachers shared that initially implementing the curriculum required some effort on the part of the teachers, now the students have adapted extremely well and they want to explain the PPTs with the teachers role now more of a “facilitator”
  6. One of the ex-students working in the software industry provided the support to the teachers at Christeria school, Pune. He shared that initially it was the teachers own fears of adopting the new curriculum which was passed on as the students capability to be able to cope up. The Principal, Mrs. Mukherjee who has attended all the CSpathshala training programs said that once the teachers started implementing the CSpathshala curriculum there was no turning back. It was the students who enjoyed the learning experience and the teachers were able to achieve much more than planned. They are also keen to start the students with Python programming
  7. Students have developed clarity on systematic approach to problem solving and teachers have shared that:
    1. Students have begun to write algorithms for long division
    2. Increased curiosity in the science labs
    3. Systematic approach to word search having led to majority of the children finding all the words in the given maze


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