Giving back to the society, what I had achieved so far

My journey with CSpathshala began when my dear friend, Sharan, introduced me to the feeling of ‘giving back to the society, what I had achieved so far.’ Being a frequent visitor to Sharan’s house introduced me to her mom and one of the core members of CSpathshala – Sonia. As we spoke, I learnt more and more about the work that they were involved in and it was then that I realized that I could be part of something worthwhile.

The aim of CSpathshala to instill computational thinking in schools, appealed to me the most, since I could relate to the need for understanding concepts more than learning them by rote. A computer science background and a similar line of work in my profession, helped me slide into reviewing Hindi lessons recently, which I have enjoyed doing.

As part of one of the most reputed consultancy organizations that stresses upon working for the society, I always wanted to join one of the several groups that contributed to making the world around us better, one bit at a time. CSpathshala is one such group that gave me the opportunity to begin this journey. On one occasion, the CSpathshala team conducted an orientation session to encourage the associates in my organisation to join them. This gave me a deep insight into the aim and activities involved in this group.

My current job in my organisation involves reviewing and sanitizing important document deliverables for projects. This became a major advantage for the upcoming tasks that I was supposed to take up. As soon as I registered for CSpathshala, I was entrusted upon with the responsibility of reviewing Hindi lessons. Being fairly fluent in Hindi, I was happy to spare my time in providing every possible recommendation for improving the lessons. The more I reviewed, the more I enjoyed this work. At every step, I had Sharan and her mom to guide me and for that, I am extremely grateful.

I also had a couple of occasions where I attended CSpathshala volunteers’ meetings. These introduced me to a number of enthusiastic volunteers, who proactively shared their thoughts and ideas for making the learning process easier and fun. In a sweet gesture, we also received T-shirts designed especially for the volunteers.

This initiative has been one of the most satisfying experiences that I have had so far! And I hope to be part of this amazing group and share many more such wonderful experiences in future as well.

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