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Santosh Hande, Zilla Parishad School, Jaulake Khurd, Khed

आम्ही फक्त 10 हुशार मुलेच बसविली होती ,ऑनलाइन exam खूप छान आहे ,आत्ता वाटते सर्व मुलांना बसवायला पाहिजे होते , Thanks cspathshala. International ऑनलाइन exam दिल्यानंतर मुलांच्या चेहऱ्यावरचा आनंद पाहण्यासारखा होता

Mrudula Athale, Vikhe Patil School, Pune

All our students are taking the Bebras challenge but very surprising and happy realisation is that some students who never complete any subject work or are very very casual about studies were also giving test with full concentration and gave the feed back that the test was very interesting.

Ms. Neha Joshi, Kalmadi School, Pune

Real life examples and worksheets make difficult concepts easy for children especially for those who have a fear of Maths find the same concepts easy to comprehend

Ms. Siddhi, The Stepping Stone School, Pune

Activities and games from CSpathshala lessons help students enjoy. The activities in patterns for the lower classes through blocks and older classes through drawing allow space for creativity

Geeta Ghormade, SOS Schools, Nagpur

Combinations another popular lesson which through the examples of the pants, shorts and shirts example made the concepts very clear

Bharti Arora, PMLSD Public School, Chandigarh

Thank you so much for such a great initiative taken by cspathshala to implement the very basics of computer science by the well structured curriculum and the support.The workshop gave a deep insight of what is computing.looking forward to implement the curriculum in my school.

Madhurima Acharya, DPS New Town

We would rather thank you and ur team for developing such wonderful content. It totally changes the paradigm of teaching computer science in school. I am very impressed and looking forward to use it in my class and contribute in your forum. (17 June, 2017)

Sumbul Ahmad, SGJ School

Thanks for the very enriching workshop (17 June, 2017)  and the great initiative taken by cspathshala to structure the curriculum of computer science for schools in such an articulate manner.

Mrs. Athale, VPMS

Concepts of shapes and patterns taught through CSpathshala lessons across grades 2 to 6 have made the task simpler for the Maths teacher. Two or more cutouts of shapes given to the students to make patterns. Children started enjoying the learning experience through the activities. In Maths a pen & paper  based learning aligned with CSpathshala activities  have helped in enriching the curriculu ...[Read More]

Hari Devarapalli

Structured. Uniform. Implementable program.