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CSpathshala is an organisation of volunteers driven by a vision–to prepare students to participate creatively in the digital age.  Its efforts aim at creating sound foundation of computational thinking skills in school children. This is done through a modern CS Curriculum and detailed teaching aids. We continually seek like-minded volunteers who are ready to contribute in transforming school education in India.  Well thought-through lessons designed by experts, imaginative contents created by knowledgeable volunteers are aimed to develop strong interest and understanding among students of standard 1 to 8, at first.  The lessons and teaching material created at CSpathshala will be used by participating schools in urban and rural areas, hand-in-hand with syllabus of the affiliated education boards across India.

CSpathshala is a completely volunteer driven initiative and we really value your contribution, your dedication and your spirit to give back something to Indian Education! We understand that your contributions may be sporadic due calls on your time. However little, your contributions would be valuable.

We have a need for volunteers for the following activities:

Local Chapters

We are looking for volunteers to lead and drive the effort to take CSpathshala to their local communities. This would require creating and working with a team of like minded volunteers to evangelize Computational Thinking in schools, train teachers and finally mentor them.


While the teaching aid have been reviewed for correctness and age appropriateness, we request help from teachers as well as CS experts to review and modify the teaching aids. It would require 2-3 hours to review and modify a set of teaching aids.


A subset of CSpathshala teaching aids are now available in Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi. We are looking for volunteers to translate additional lessons in these languages as well as take the teaching aids in English in translate them to the local vernacular language. Kannada and Telugu are underway and interested volunteers can join the same. It requires upto 10 hours of effort to translate a set of teaching aids.

Spoken Tutorial

To enable self learning as well as reduce teacher load we finally plan to create spoken tutorials for our lessons. Please subscribe to cspathshala youtube channel to see sample tutorials.

Volunteers, teachers, parents, we request you help in creating more videos – in English, Marathi, Hindi and Gujarati. All we ask 😉 is for you to record audio on every slide of the ppt using powerpoint narration feature (slideshow->record slideshow->current slide). Audio recording is expected to take 2-4 hours depending on the size of the ppt.


Content Curation

The content goes through several reviews. However before finalizing we need help in editing the content to ensure that uniformity is maintained. It would involve checking attribution, CC licensing, language and formatting as per defined guidelines.The effort required would be about 2-3 hours per set of documents.

Get in touch with us to if you have any queries or if you would like to join CSpathshala as a volunteer.


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