CSpathshala visit to Rural schools in Gujarat

- Navgujarat Samay, 27/02/2018

CSpathshala team visited schools from Idar, Prantij and Talod talukas of Sabarkantha which have the Computer labs and Digital Boards to enable implementation of the CSpathshala curriculum. The team conducted sessions for the students and teachers which included patterns, parity bit activity and solving 4×4 and 6×6 Sudoku using a systematic approach (algorithm) to solve one grid at a time…

How to make India’s education system 21st century-ready

- Hindustan Times, 20/10/2017

Navigating the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century requires flexible and creative thinkers who can adapt to an increasing pace of change. Mainstream education system in India is not creating such thinkers. The problem is as much about how students are taught, as much as it is about what is being taught. We need to teach students in the same way as we want them to act; creatively, collaboratively, constantly iterating and driving to output with structure and logic. And we need to teach them content that helps them interpret many of the new challenges. Teaching computational thinking (CT) answers both challenges.

Computing lessons for youth to get a leg up

- Deccan Chronicle, Kochi, 12/01/2017

Computing plays a bigger role in the lives of young people today than ever before. Yet, there is a widespread lack of knowledge of what constitutes the core of computing: is it just the use of word processors and spreadsheets or are there more fundamental principles that underlie this science. Can we show young people how a computational model can be used to solve a variety of problems, from basic problems in mathematics to answering questions in biology?

CSpathshala Workshop Held at Cusat

-, 08/01/2017

CSpathshala is an ACM India ( Association for Computing Machinery: initiative to bring a modern Computing Curriculum to Indian schools.

The idea behind starting CSpathshala ( was that most Computer Science Curriculums had over emphasis on skills and less importance on associated concepts. Skills like brainstorming, step wise thinking, decision making and problem solving have been widely recognized as being relevant and important to help students handle real-life situations at any age. These skills are deeply embedded in curriculum and form the essence of CSpathshala.

CBSE computer science syllabus may be rejigged

- Times of India, 08/01/2017

In an attempt to revamp computer education in schools, the CBSE is planning to implement CSpathashala, an alternative computer science syllabus for the new academic year. Under the new programme, the focus will be more on computing solutions rather than on technological skills.

Cusat workshop

-The Hindu, Kochi, 08/01/2017

Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat), on Saturday, conducted CSpathshala, a workshop for computer science teachers. The initiative was to introduce teachers to a new science computer curriculum, provide teaching aids, detailed lesson plans, notes and activity sheet.

दिवाळी अंक २०१६

CSपाठशाळा – एक संगणकीय विचार धारा

- दिवाळी अंक २०१६

आजकाल एका बाजूला बेरोजगारी वाढत जात असली तरी दुसऱ्या बाजूला उद्योग व व्यवसायांना उत्तम कर्मचाऱ्यांची कमतरता आढळून येत आहे.

व्यावसायिकांना मुळात तार्किक , विचारी आणि परिपूर्ण कर्मचारी हवे असतात. पण ते क्वचितच मिळतात. काय ही कौशल्ये फक्त इन्जीनीयारांकडूनच अपेक्षित आहेत? अजिबात नाही! सगळ्याच प्रकारच्या व्यावसायांमध्ये ही कौशल्ये कामात येतात. पण मग ही कौशल्ये कशी व कधी शिकली व शिकवली गेली पाहिजेत? कॉलेजमध्ये हे शिकवणे योग्य ठरेल का? पूर्णपणे नाही. कारण आपण जर समाजाचा विचार केला, तर बरीच मुले कॉलेजला जातच नाहीत. गेली तरी वेग-वेगळ्या स्ट्रीम्समध्ये शिक्षण घेतात. सगळ्या स्ट्रीम्समध्ये ह्या कौशल्यांचा एक सारखा समावेश होणे शक्य नाही. पण ह्या सगळ्या कौशल्यांचे विकसन एकाच ठिकाणी होऊ शकते – शाळेमध्ये!

Tech volunteers to help school students

- Times of India

Pune: A group of professionals from the city are working on a project to develop problem-solving abilities among students.

The group will produce special content to teach computation and logic in schools apart from training teachers on how to use the content efficiently.

'सीस पाठशाळा' कार्यशाळा शनिवारी

CS पाठशाला का आयोजन

20 स्कूलों में होगी सीस पाठशाला