Learning through Doing – The Stepping Stone to activity based learning

The Stepping Stone School, Pune began their journey with the teachers attending the CSpathshala Awareness Workshop. The Principal, Ritu who took a special interest helped them blend the CSpathshala lessons with the existing curriculum.  Ritu shared her feedback on the CSpathshala approach and curriculum appreciating how the well-constructed activity-based learning experience offered opportunities to teachers for consistent reinforcement and support for developing concepts and learning skills for students across multiple disciplines. Now the school has planned the new session with a changeover to CSpathshala curriculum.

The teachers without attending any CSpathshala teachers training went ahead with a creative and adaptive implementation of the CSpathshala lessons and created worksheets in Word for the lessons so that the “Worksheets could be taken up as a lab activity” to address the problem of computer period = practicals in the lab! Teachers used paper cut-outs to demonstrate systematic counting and listing and for symmetry where students came up with unique examples on various types of symmetry around them.

A Rainy Day no longer means being cooped inside the classroom with the teachers struggling to keep the class engaged. Instead it means fun and games with the numerous puzzles and activities – all thanks to CSpathshala which has got children interested in solving word puzzles and Sudoku.




Teachers realized that the students are confused about rotation and revolution, decided to clear this through their approach of “learning through doing”. They made a child stand in the centre “the sun” and the other children “planets” around in a circle and demonstrated both revolution and rotation!



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