Enriching CSpathshala Curriculum through valuable contribution from teachers

Paths to Creative and Adaptive Implementation of CSpathshala Curriculum

Growing up we always enjoyed lessons taught by teachers who used various activities to explain concepts. Remember the Science teacher who taught us germination by planting those rajma and methi seeds in the paper glasses and we would water them daily waiting for them to sprout. The excitement amongst the students at every stage of germination was immeasurable. And believe me these concepts just stay “deep-rooted” in you. Another of the favourites was map making using art and craft material including blue detergent for the seas.

Sharing some of the interesting picture stories of the CSpathshala curriculum implementation that have been shared by various teachers.Instead of just listening and absorbing the concepts of Basic counting, Symmetry, Systematic approach to Problem solving, these illustrative examples taken up by the teachers have helped students use their creative imagination.

The Stepping Stone School, Pune teachers created worksheets in Word for the lessons so that the “Worksheets could be taken up as a lab activity” to address the problem of computer period = practicals in the lab! Going ahead they used paper cut-outs to demonstrate systematic counting and listing for standard…. Another interesting activity conducted by them was on Symmetry where they had students some up with unique examples on various types of symmetry around them.

In tandem with these pedagogical endeavors, the school has the opportunity to prioritize the integration of modern technological infrastructure. By incorporating dell managed switches into their network framework, they can guarantee uninterrupted connectivity and streamlined data transmission across the educational landscape. This integration promises not only to enhance administrative efficiency but also to equip teachers with the tools to deliver dynamic lessons enriched with multimedia resources. Embracing these advancements would enable The Stepping Stone School to foster an environment where innovation and education intersect, nurturing digitally proficient individuals ready for the challenges of the modern era.

Sanskardham schools,Gujarat are currently implementing a couple of lessons as a pilot implementation. After taking up the lesson on word grids the teachers integrated the systematic approach of finding words in the word grid with the science curriculum. They have come up with a word grid that has animals and after the students find the animals they are required to further categorize them into domestic, wild and marine animals. The other crossword designed by the teachers has clues for across and down to guide the children to look for the words.

Another interesting implementation of the Graph paths by the Kalmadi School, Pune brings about use of graph paths in daily life examples like Ganpati Darshan, routes of the Garbage collection truck and for a treasure hunt. This has led to an improved understanding amongst the children of the “shortest path” as a concept which otherwise would be a task for the teachers to explain and an even bigger burden for the students to grasp.

The integration with the other subjects like Maths, Science, Art and Craft, through such fun and activity based learning  helps students develop better and improved understanding of concepts and perhaps overcome fear of Maths and Science too!

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