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As we participate in the digital revolution, we need to train our children on skills for the digital age. Computational thinking (CT) has been recognized as one of the key 21st century skills and involves understanding a problem, designing a solution and expressing it in a form that a human or a machine can execute. CT has been introduced into the mainstream curricula in many countries and India has joined them with the The draft National Education Policy 2019 recognizing CT as a fundamental skill. The education policy recommends teaching CT from age 6 using well designed worksheets.
CSpathshala  is an Association for Computing Machinery India (ACM India) initiative to bring a modern computing curriculum to Indian schools.

Our Mission

To prepare our students to participate creatively in the digital age, CSpathshala proposes an activity based unplugged Computational thinking curriculum for primary and secondary schools.



  • Computational Thinking curriculum – Teaching computing without computers
  • Community created teaching aids: 200 lessons, provided at no cost to schools
  • Subset of teaching aids translated into Gujarati, Hindi & Marathi
  • 30,000 schools in Tamil Nadu learning Computational thinking as part of math curriculum
  • 300,000+ additional students from 11 states, 1200 schools. This includes 425 residential schools from AP social welfare, tribal welfare Gurukulams and Ashrams.
  • 90 Awareness workshop and training programs conducted [At no cost to schools]
    • 5400 participants from 2650 institutions
  • Volunteers: 400+ from 4 continents!


ACM India Webinar Series on Education

27 June, 2020

Computer Science Unplugged and Computational Thinking—What’s the Big Picture? Dr. Tim Bell, University of Canterbury, NZ

25 July, 2020

Computational thinking in the mathematics classroom, Dr. Jonaki Ghosh, Lady Sri Ram College, University of Delhi, IN

29 August, 2020

Repetition and Recursion, Dr. Dan Garcia, University of California, Berkeley, USA

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Industry Leaders on Computing

Mr. Narayan Murthy, Infosys

What Teachers are Saying

Thank you so much for such a great initiative taken by cspathshala to implement the very basics of computer science by the well structured curriculum and the support.The workshop gave a deep insight of what is computing.looking forward to implement the curriculum in my school.
Bharti Arora, PMLSD Public School, Chandigarh

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